11994285_699574123520312_1644407185_nDr Amanda Hill hails from Pictou County, Nova Scotia, where she has been practicing dentistry for the past eight years. Several years ago, Amanda was a co-founder of Pulse Pictou County, a group to connect and unite the young, working age people of Pictou County. Their goal is to attract and retain young people in the area, and create a culture of positivity and renewed love in their community. Pulse Pictou County has hosted a variety of events and initiatives over the past two years to create engagement and connectivity in their community, and is excited about the potential of Pictou County.

Amanda has always been very involved and committed to her community. She was named to the Top 50 Under 40 Atlantic Canada Leadership Summit by 21inc in 2015, and is a past recipient of the Canadian Dental Association’s President’s Award for “outstanding leadership, scholarship, character and humanity.” She is the current president of the Northern NS Dental Society, and Chair of the Young Leaders campaign for the United Way of Pictou County. She is the founding president of Pictou County Ultimate, as she loves playing ultimate Frisbee and soccer, and also is involved in local music and theatre productions in Pictou County.

Amanda is extremely excited to attend Georgetown 2.0 to be inspired by others doing amazing things to revitalize their rural communities across Atlantic Canada.