Issues impacting rural Atlantic Canada are complicated and not easily solved, but that does not mean we should not discuss them. Our region needs a frank discussion, free from government control, about what small communities need to succeed. We also need a platform to share our many local successes with others throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond.

The Georgetown Conference, Redefining Rural is such a platform. Georgetown is a conference about ideas and success but it will not shy away from the difficult issues we face: What role should government play? How do immigrants perceive their rural experience and what can rural communities do to make that experience more welcoming? How do we grow our economies beyond traditional industries? How do we attract and keep young adults in an era when many see the future in Western Canada? What opportunities exist within our aging demographic?

These are just some of the topics that will be addressed in October 2013 when Atlantic Canadians converge on Georgetown for this unique conference.

Planning is very much a bottom up exercise. We want your ideas for building rural Atlantic Canada. Help us identify the leaders who must attend. Georgetown is a conference for business leaders, community leaders, small business owners, employees, artists and citizens from all walks of life. These are the people who can truly effect change on the local level.