Conference Youth Community Café

The Georgetown Conference has included a Youth Community Café feature to the conference. The Community Café will provide a focal point for youth delegates to come together and share their  pre and post  conference experience through their unique ‘youth lens’. There will be opportunities for youth delegates to meet and network in the following ways:

  • Pre-conference – prior to the opening of the conference on Thursday, October 3, youth delegates will gather to meet each other, and share their interests and expectations re the conference.
  • During the conference – youth delegates will be able to post/share their ideas and perspectives on-line through the conference website.
  • Post-conference – prior to the final Community Builders Circles on Saturday, October 5, youth delegates will meet to share their community building  ideas, projects, and initiatives.


Pre-Post Conference – Youth Community Cafe

Concept: A Community Cafe strives to create an informal atmosphere much like a restaurant or cafe (food, refreshments, sitting/talking in small groups) in which people discuss issues or questions about the needs of their community. The activity can be both an entertaining event and a unique way to learn more about a community by engaging local citizens and stakeholders in direct discussion.

Structure: A meeting area to comfortably accommodate about 20-25 young people (mid-20’s).  A moderator/facilitator would guide the session. After introductions and general ‘stage setting’, participants would sit together in groups of 4-6. Each table has a “host,” or discussion facilitator, who will guide discussion on the questions below; there is also a ‘recorder person’ who will take summary notes on the key points of the discussion.

Each table will have a chance to highlight the main points raised during their discussions. The key points regarding issues, insights and new learnings will provide a youth perspective as participants engage in the various conference sessions. All participants will be encouraged to bring forward their thoughts and ideas to help determine or demonstrate how youth can best assist and support existing groups and initiatives in their respective communities, or help to plan and undertake new projects.


The Youth Community Café will provide opportunities for interaction on three levels:


  • Thursday Oct 3rd – 2:00-3:30 PM – Youth delegates will gather prior to the conference opening to meet each other, and share their respective interests and expectations re the conference.

During Conference:

  • As they participate in the various workshop sessions Youth delegates will be able to post/share their ideas and perspectives on-line through the conference website.


  • Saturday Oct 5th – 7:30-8:30 – Youth delegates will meet over breakfast to share the ‘go forward’ ideas and initiatives they will bring to the closing ‘Rural Community Builders Circles’ sessions.


Pre-Conference Discussions Questions:

  1. What are your hopes and expectations with respect to the conference?  What sessions or discussions are you most interested in or intrigued by?
  2. What are you bringing to the conference (new ideas and experience, energy, commitment to community building, etc), and how do you see this input contributing to the goals of the conference?
  3. What are some of the opportunities for young people in rural communities? Highlight three.


 Post-Conference Discussion Questions:

  1. What are you taking away from the conference?
  2. What specific ideas, initiatives or projects do you see yourselves bringing back to your respective communities?
  3. How should the momentum generated at the conference be followed up on? What needs to happen to move forward?


Thanks to everyone for participating in our Youth Community Cafe!!!