Coming Soon – An Open Online Learning Community on Rural Redefined

The University of Prince Edward Island and the Georgetown Organizing Committee have partnered to provide a set of free online modules on rural economic change. These interactive modules are for delegates to the conference as well as all those in the broader digital community interested in redefining rural.  This thought-provoking set of modules will provide a background to some of the major issues on rural economic change in Atlantic Canada, set the stage for the conference and stimulate online discussion on ‘Great Questions’ on rural economic change in Atlantic Canada.

Module 1:  A History of the Rural Economy in Atlantic Canada (estimated release date – Sept. 12th)

  • A History of Georgetown
  • Defining Rural and Urban Historically in Atlantic Canada
  • The Rural and Urban Economy of Atlantic Canada Before the 21st Century
  • Defining Rural and Urban Today in Atlantic Canada

Module 2:  A Primer on Rural Economic Change in Canada (estimated release date – Sept. 26th)

  • Demographic  and Economic Change in Rural Canada, with a Focus on the Atlantic
  • Leadership Development and Governance in Rural Communities
  • Strategies for Rural Communities

Module 3: The Stories of the ‘Doers and Producers’ at the Georgetown Conference (estimated release date – Oct. 15th)

  • What Works and What Doesn’t Work in Atlantic Communities
  • Lessons and Advice for Other Rural Canadian Communities

Module 4: Outcomes and Next Steps for the Georgetown Movement (estimated release date – January 8th)

  • Messages from Georgetown:
    • Reports from the Break-out Groups
    • Thoughts on the Conference from Donald Savoie