Georgetown Conference goes live


by Cindy Chant

As many as 250 delegates from across Atlantic Canada will be gathering for what is expected to be a positive stepping stone towards revitalizing rural communities. First of its kind, the Georgetown Conference set for Oct 3 to 5, will offer a three day discussion amongst the delegates, speakers and special guests. An exclusive feature has now been added. An online live video stream option will be available throughout the conference for those not able to attend.

According to Craig Moore with Spider Video, manager for the live feed during the conference, there will be an option to “click to watch” the live video on the main website. Interested groups will also be able to share the video directly onto Facebook and Twitter.

“The conference itself holds about 250 persons in the room, but these are topics that appeal to a much wider audience. We know that it can be a challenge to get to conferences and by offering this service we have vastly expanded the opportunity for others in rural communities to learn, participate and connect with others who have this shared interest,” Moore said. “By live-streaming we will be able to interact with other communities and groups from around the entire country.”

Anyone interested in tapping into the live-stream feature can provide input where possible through social media including: Twitter and Facebook; and a live text based chat option.

“Also once each session is aired it will immediately be viewable again … where people can watch what they are interested in on their own schedule,” Moore said. “We are hoping to achieve a real live-interaction experience with an expanded audience, and an audience that may not have had a voice in these conversations before, so they can give input to the live room through comments and questions. We also hope it will create more out-of-the room conversations by creating dialogue on social media.”

Although Moore is not expecting much in the way of challenges, he is confident by using an establish leader like it will enable a variety of viewing and sharing options.

“We encourage viewers to interact on whichever option works for them and to share their viewing experience on social media to help grow their networks and connect with others who have a shared investment in redefining rural.”

“Georgetown is all about engaging rural Atlantic Canadians in a discussion about the issues facing our communities. There are only 250 seats available for delegates. By live-streaming when are opening the doors to the whole region and beyond,” Paul MacNeill, originator of the Georgetown Conference, said.

Live online video stream will be available starting Oct 3 at:

Chant writes for the West Prince Graphic in Prince Edward Island. She can be reached at