4Front Atlantic Conference 2013 
At the 4Front: An Action Plan for Atlantic Canada

Since the inaugural 4Front Conference, we’ve been building a plan to illuminate the path forward. A plan to ensure that Atlantic Canada is ready to succeed in the new and evolving global economy.

At the 4Front of Change: An Action Plan for Atlantic Canada is based on feedback from 4Front’s five working groups formed in 2012, and focuses on the five key areas below.

Read the full Action Plan, and comment on the five focus areas to join the conversation on how we’ll get there, together. Learn more »

The text of a talk that former PEI Premier Alex Campbell made to a First Ministers Conference on the Economy in February of 1978 (PDF)

It’s a remarkable document, calling for a new kind of economy in Canada, especially considering that Campbell had been Premier for 12 years by this time and on the verge of calling an election [for April 1978]. Learn more »

Economic Union: Scott Brison’s plan to avoid a Greek tragedy in the Maritimes

Scott Brison believes the Maritime provinces are a decade away from calamity. He thinks he knows how to prevent it.“We are at the tipping point,” the Nova Scotia Liberal MP said Sunday in an interview. Debt is expanding even as fiscal capacity is shrinking. Maritime governments could soon find it increasingly difficult to raise money from lenders. Learn more » 

Champions and Challenges – redefining rural in Kings County

Kings County, like many communities in rural Nova Scotia, is facing a number of challenges. Our population is aging, our economy remains tightly tied to the land and agriculture doesn’t seem to have the same measure of support it once did. It’s becoming harder and harder to compete with the lure of a bigger pay cheques in Halifax or out west to retain our population. Learn more » 

Robar Countertops – built from the ground up

It is not just a figure of speech to say that Harry and Gerald Robar built Robar Countertops of Cookville from the ground up. The brothers were working at H.W. Brady’s woodworking shop in Bridgewater when the idea for a counter manufacturing business was born. Learn more » 

P.E.I. farmer sets up own microbrewery

There is plenty brewing on Hugh Campbell’s farm. Not content with merely growing the ingredients for beer, the Stanchel farmer has decided to take things to the next step and develop P.E.I.’s first on farm microbrewery. Learn more »

Our town is going to make jeans again

When 400 workers in a small town of 4000 lost their jobs they figured a way to bring manufacturing back home again and show the world their skills. Learn More »

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) works to create credible insights and to improve our understanding of issues and opportunities that are of common interest to rural residents across Canada. Learn More »

Canadian Rural Research Network

Canadian Rural Research Network is a vibrant, free and comprehensive on-line community of rural research stakeholders that facilitates links, exchanges, partnerships and information sharing among all parties interested in rural research by means of new and innovative networking approaches. Learn More »