Prince Edward Island, Chief Executive Officer, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation

Barb Dunphy grew up in a rural community in Prince Edward Island, the youngest of eight children.   Barb’s first six years of school were at a local two room school house, grades 1 – 8.  Being the youngest, she was the only one in the family to be part of school consolidation merging six local two room schools.  The family was involved in 4-H lead by local volunteer leaders (mothers and fathers) in the community.

Barb is Chief Executive Officer of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation, a charitable organization raising money for the largest hospital on Prince Edward Island to purchase medical equipment.  Barb has worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation for eighteen years, following fifteen years as a public servant with the Province of Prince Edward Island.

In the past five years, Barb has juggled the pressures of work, raising a family, and community involvement while at the same time achieving her Executive MBA from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Barb is leading an initiative to establish a Women’s Institute Branch in Charlottetown, taking a traditional rural organization to the city.  The Women’s Institute is an organization originating in rural/farming communities, with the purpose to be a voice for women, and to take action and focus on building strong family and community.  Since WI has provided such quiet strong leadership on Prince Edward Island, without participation in the largest community encompassing almost half of PEI’s population, this initiative should impact on more Island families enabling positive change in our community on societal issues that don’t discriminate between urban and rural – literacy, family violence, buying local, healthy living, to name a few.