Ben Cowan-Dewar , Managing Director, Cabot Links,  in Inverness on Cape Breton island, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, Co-Founder, Cabot Links

As co-founder of Cabot Links, Ben Cowan-Dewar has been integral to every element of the most anticipated golf project in recent Canadian history.

“Cowan-Dewar is a golf lover but perhaps more importantly, a golf course lover,” wrote SCOREGolf editor Bob Weeks. “The enthusiasm that flows from his every pore when it comes to golf is contagious and his love of Cabot Links is evident at every turn.”

Cowan-Dewar’s links to the game of golf and experience in business make him one of the sport’s most intriguing and successful young entrepreneurs. In 1999 he created Golf Travel Impresarios (GolfTI), a niche travel company aimed at executive travel throughout the world. In his role at GolfTI, Cowan-Dewar led trips to some of the most fabled golf destinations in the world. Along the way he carefully studied the elements that created a create golf course and club.

That success led him to search out a golf course project that would reflect his passion for the game’s great designs. In 2004 he traveled to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia to see a property near the ocean. Having fallen in love with the possibilities of the site, Cowan-Dewar spent the next few years developing the project, hiring architect Rod Whitman, and partnering with Bandon Dunes Resort founder Mike Keiser on Cabot Links.  The project, named Cabot Links after the explorer who discovered Cape Breton in the 15th century, which includes a clubhouse and 48-room accommodations, is scheduled to open fully in 2011 and has been heralded as the best modern golf course to open in Canada in recent years.

His vision in creating the Cabot Links, the first true links course in Canada, has been widely praised. “Cowan-Dewar has undeniably aced it, for the finished product is a delightful track with a beguiling mix of holes that compels golfers to employ a more traditional ground game,” said John Steinbreder in GlobalGolfPost.

A member of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 panel, Cowan-Dewar is also a partner in the acclaimed golf architecture site,

He lives in Inverness, N.S., with his wife and family.