Nova Scotia, President and Co-CEO of Oxford Frozen Foods Limited

John Bragg, President and Co-CEO of Oxford Frozen Foods Limited graduated from Mount Allison University with degrees in Commerce and Education. Mr. Bragg established Oxford Frozen Foods in 1968. Today, he is the CEO of various Bragg Group businesses and serves as an active member on the board of directors for companies such as Maple Leaf Foods Inc. and TD Bank. He remains actively involved with the company and continues to re-invest heavily in the future of Oxford Frozen Foods and the community that surrounds it. Mr. Bragg has received several entrepreneurial and educational awards and he is the past Chancellor of Mount Allison University and holds Honourary Degrees from several universities. He lives in Collingwood, Nova Scotia with his wife, Judy. He has two sons and two daughters who take active roles working in the various businesses.