Maine, Founder of CultureWorth

Sheila Jans is a cultural development consultant and founder of CultureWorth. Born in Newfoundland, Sheila lived throughout Canada but grew up primarily in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. She worked in Ottawa, Halifax, Toronto and Montreal, and moved to the St. John Valley in northern Maine in 1997.

Sheila is currently developing a corridor management plan for a State designated scenic byway. She is also directing Project Cultivate, a creative economic development initiative that grew out of research with the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center of the University of Maine. Her work includes the creation of Voici the Valley Cultureway and co-production of an audio cultural documentary. As Senior Fellow of the Quebec-Labrador Foundation, she conducted an international cultural assessment of northern Maine and New Brunswick in 2003. Sheila served on the New England Task Force for Culture and the Economy, the Governor’s Maine Creative Economy Council, the Maine Arts Commission, ¬†and the Maine Humanities Council.