Fluent in 3 languages, Nadine is a natural leader who has a proven track record in instigating and implementing successful projects as well as grassroots initiatives (i.e.: Rotary Resurgo, MYPIE, WOMEN, El Nicho Alumni Fund.) A champion of inclusiveness, Nadine is also a strategic thinker who will strive to find the creative solutions to any challenge.

Originally from Tracadie-Sheila, a small Acadian town located in the north-eastern part of NB, Nadine has learned the meaning of community, cooperation and the need to redefine our rural landscape in this evolving global marketplace. This is one of the reason she keeps giving back to the community through either board placements, mentorship or advisory capacities, or the occasional emceeing or speaking engagement. Her true passion lies within grassroots initiatives and she can always be counted upon to mobilize the right people to change a deplorable situation into a thriving solution.

Professionally, Nadine has worked in community economic development, as well as the non-profit and private sectors and has experienced the world through cultural exchanges at a very young age (Costa Rica, India, Mexico), providing a well-rounded perspective and range of expertise that can be utilized in various industries. Academically, Nadine has completed certifications in the areas of International trade and business and dreams of pursuing a Masters in international development.

Over the years, she has received awards or accolades with respect to leadership or extraordinary involvement, most recently being selected to participate in the 2015 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference and being appointed as the NB Co-Chair for the GGCLC. She also serves as one of the Co-Chair of the Georgetown 2.0 Conference and as Chair of the NB2026 roundtable.